16° International Festival "Duchi d'Acquaviva

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16° International Festival "Duchi d'Acquaviva

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The aim of the “Amici della Musica 2000” Association of Atri (Te) is the promotion, the spreading and the development of music culture, as well as the formation and development of young musicians. To reach such goals, the Association promotes cultural and social growth, placing itself as a centre of knowledge, the spreading and stimulating of activity and experiences in the musical field.
The “Amici della Musica 2000” Association in 15 years of activity, under the artistic direction of Master Algino Battistini, it stands out in the regional musical panorama and not only, by organizing different types of festivals: from festivals of classical music concerts, to courses of great musical refinement, international music competitions, concert lessons in the schools of the Teramo territory, and even seminars and conferences on various themes.
It has already achieved about 300 concerts. Among the most representative ones we quote “The New Year’s Concerts” that the Association organizes punctually every year following the model of the Viennese New Year’s Concert.
But the Association’s most important and paradigmatic festival is surely the International Festival "Duchi d’Acquaviva”, with which the Association gets to the heart of its Statute’s priority aims, that is the spreading of musical culture, as well as the formation of young musicians: the 16th edition of the Festival will take place from 8th to 31st August 2015.

16° International Festival
"Duchi d'Acquaviva"
8th - 31st August 2015

Artistic Director:Algino Battistini   Artistic Consultant:Nataliya Gonchak" />

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