Italian Brass Week

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Italian Brass Week

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International Brass Festival
From 19 to 26 July 2015


in partnership with
Teatro dell'Opera di Firenze / Florence Opera House
European & World Brass Association

Under the UNESCO patronage

Artistic Director
Luca Benucci

Festival Organization
La Settima Musa

Honor Board:

Zubin Mehta
Josè Antonio Abreu
Daniel Barenboim
Riccardo Chailly
Seiji Ozawa
James Conlon
Ivor Bolton


A new appointment with the annual Brass International Festival "Italian Brass Week", is a coveted stage of thousands of young people from around the world. The quality and reliability have been awarded the bronze medal of the President of the Republic and with many other awards, though, the biggest was to have involved generations of young musicians, who are trained and have become excellent interpreters. Musicians from around the world will meet in Florence, 19 to 26 July 2015, to share a unique festival in every aspect.
For this 16th edition, we chose a combination of values, places and practitioners that are planned for this week with their knowledge, beauty and skills.
Florence, cradle of the Renaissance, the city internationally recognized as cultural pearl, will host this happening dedicated to Brass. Horn players, Trumpet players, Trombon players and Tuba players from over 25 countries and 4 different continents have made a unique and special edition in 2014, but our challenge is to make it even more interesting and engaging with this 16th edition the exceptional participation of the Opera Theatre of Florence, wonderful partnerships already proven in the last edition. Festival activities will be held in the new theater, over 10,000square meters of rooms used in the master classes and conferences with facilities that offers the best results to the tests of various ensembles and concerts.
From its beginning to the present, Italian Brass Week has been recognized as one of the most instructive and high leveled stages in the world, with excellent teachers and with the exclusivity of a method of coexistence and exchange cultural.
Under the artistic direction of Maestro Luca Benucci the first Horn of Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, the students will be able to be followed by professionals inimitable part of the largest and the most prestigious Orchestras and Universities in the world such as: Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Sydney Symphony Orchestra,Indiana University, Rice University, North Western University,Montreal Symphony Orchestra, Australian Navy Band, Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, Orchestra del Konzertgebouw di Amsterdam, Deutches Symphony, Orchestra Simon Bolivar and other International Soloists.

Florence, in those days, will become the capital of sound and magical notes that all the guys will bring to the streets, creating a wonderful artistic world, full of new ideas. This is an example of a new way of doing culture, just in Tuscany, a land that has seen the birth and the melodrama that has the birthplace of the great authors of international music.

At a time like the present, where the dispersion of talent highlights due to economic problems, give a chance to young people to join a moment of vacation with a moment of educational / cultural becomes very important. This, not to disperse what's wonderful we managed to create a musical level, to preserve those values at risk really to disperse in a globalization more and more wild. We Believe that this type of commitment has to be valued and not discouraged by a growth model who looks only to the spread, the financial capital and not to training of those who one day will pass on part of the story through the musical knowledge and beyond.

Florence is an important reference for the cultural growth and is a city devoted to reception and culturally already renowned as a meeting point between the present and the past.

The culture of students and professors from all over the place and the pleasure of living in an atmosphere that enhances the differences as the most intelligent of inner enrichment and professional.

Today, more than ever, to create a link between well-being, tradition and culture, could become a method of alternative holiday, with an organizational system that can accommodate the needs of a diverse audience.

The master classes will be taught by internationally renowned artists that are part of the greatest international orchestras, conservatories and universities around the world.

Our goal is to promote and encourage cultural exchange between young Italian and foreign, to consolidate a reality that too often passes unnoticed and give the opportunity to participate in an event of primary visibility for the world of brass instruments and music.
The sixteenth edition of the Brass Week proposes innovations in the shows and always in the training proposal of high level.



ANDREA DELL'IRA, Maggio Musicale Fiorentino
FRANCISCO “PACHO” FLORES, Internazionale Soloist
OTTO SAUTER, Internazionale Soloist
BARBARA BUTLER, Rice University
CHARLIE GEYER, North Western University

DALE CLEVENGER, former Chicago Symphony Orchestra professor at Indiana University
LUCA BENUCCI, Maggio Musicale Firoentino
HAN XIAOMING, Deutsches Sinfonie Orchester

JÖRGEN VAN RIJEN, Concertgebouw di Amsterdam ALAN TRUDEL, Internazionale Soloist


ROGER BOBO, Tuba Legend, Ex Los Angeles Philarmonic Orchestra
Musik Hochschule Zurich
Sydney Symphony Orchestra

FLETCHER MITCHELL, international Soloists

IBW IN 10 good reasons:

1) The Masters and the lessons,

Soloists and teachers of international importance will be dedicated to your training with care and attention.
Their experience, quality and their human depth will make the difference, once again, to give and excite with the necessary discipline you all.
A right combination of experience and dynamism will allow you to find and test a set of core values to grow and compete with young people around the world.
Individual lessons, Master collective, Conferences, will ensure a premier training.

2) The Concerts

Exclusive IBW, you can listen to wonderful musicians, which will meet for the first time and will give life to the uniqueness of this year playing together in ensembles designed to enhance their virtuosity.
arrangements with the world premiere and a unique artistic production!
During the week will be trained several groups of Brass, where all of you will find a space to give Wind to your vocation.
The concerts will be included in the programming and directed by Roger Bobo, Luca Benucci, Dale Clevenger and Alain Trudel.

3) Locations of concerts

From 1200 to 2015, 800 years of history and culture, the precious architecture of palaces and churches, theaters and squares, will frame the sixteenth edition of Brass Week.
A richness that few have in the world, made even richer by the music that you can play along with the masters, and in concerts dedicated to you.


Basilica SS. Annunziata
The Brass in the Baroque period
The soloists IBW

Ponte Vecchio
Happening on Boats
The soloists IBW
Director Dale Clevenger

Stibbert Museum
Concerts soloists IBW

Church SS.Spirito
Rock and Pop
Students protagonists
Director Luca Benucci

Cavea Open Air Theatre
Classical and Romantic
Students protagonists along with teachers
Director Roger Bobo

Florence Opera House
Brass Maggio Musicale
Cameristi Maggio Musicale
with soloists IBW


4) Traditions

The traditions are the basis of our festival always.
Those who know us, know that over the years we have materialized many dreams and addressed hundreds of young people to achieve an international career.
Tradition, it also means celebrating our students of the past:

Omar Tomasoni Winner in 2000
Scholarship with Roger Bobo in committee today is first trumpet with KonzertGebow Amsterdam.

Giuliano Sommerhalder
International soloist

Massimo La Rosa
Principal Trombone Cleveland Orchestra

Daniele Morandini
Principal Trombone Teatro alla Scala

And many more ....

5) The Taste

Italy is the country of Taste, in dress, in eating, playing and singing!
We will give you even more!
You will absolutely enjoy your music to an international audience, cultured and demanding!
Guests can enjoy Tuscan dishes, Florentine and Tuscan live savoring the magnificence of art strolling Florence fainting in this open-air museum.
Every single moment IBW is achieved by giving value to the tradition and respect of all the arts.


The training teachers with a park of this magnitude, has no equal and, if you consider the proposals that we can offer for food and accommodation, we become unbeatable!
Our strength lies in thinking that not only will you have the opportunity to take lessons with great professionals but, extremely, you can listen to all the lessons of the other teachers.
A special feature that distinguishes us and over time has produced a true Brand.
Considered lucky to have all of this in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, with the cost of stay unique.
With the help of sponsors and patrons, we decided to run smoothly even in this!
We believe in you and that's why we give you a great value!


Generally young people, have a great desire to do, to get involved, to know and to travel!
In the Italian Brass Week, you can find styles and different ways of making music, to teach and talk about music.
This will open the minds, will give you the opportunity to find your way, know and hear many great characters, possibly to follow them in the future, will be everywhere!
Our Festival also has a duty to discover new generations of artists to follow them, train them and get them to fly in the right direction!


In modern society, you can buy everything, but not the experience!
Start doing this kind of experience will give you the opportunity to grow and to see and hear new things.
You can take advantage of the enormous experience of the great masters with whom you can start a real dialogue, in order to grow and open eyes, ears and heart!
With great impetus and the necessary calm, with an unbridled passion and great discipline, love and hours of study, you will find the guides who can give an interior light and guide for the future.
Experience and Talent ... The two go hand in hand towards a single end: The Music.

9) Florence and Tuscany

Are by themselves a good reason to take a trip, with his works of art housed in major museums such as the Uffizi, the Academy of Fine Arts, but the really nice thing is that Florence is an open air museum. Just walk in the old town, to see works such as the Duomo, Palazzo Vecchio, Palazzo Pitti, and many more.
Florence has its authenticity and charm that few cities have, not surprisingly receives one million visitors a month !!!
The Master Classes and all activities will be concentrated in the new IBW Florence Opera House and concerts in different locations in the city that can give and excite the participants in the demonstrations.

10) Eating Well

Not only music and art, but also a great culinary tradition. By Artusi to date you can count hundreds of recipes, but the things that you should try are the classic:

Tomato soup (vegetarian)
A soup of bread and tomato

Bistecca alla Fiorentina
The classic

Tripe alla Fiorentina
Entrails of Veal with herbs and tomato

Ravioli Mugellana
Ravioli with potatoes and various sauces

Ribollita (vegetarian)
Hot soup of vegetables, with toast

Panzanella (vegetarian)
Bread with red onion, cucumber, tomato, basil, salt, oil and vinegar.

But you can enjoy much more,
Spaghetti Carbonara, Pizza, Penne all'arrabbiata, with possibly a good glass of Chianti.

In Tuscany we have among the best wines in the world.

Hope you can share with us this great Festival:-)

All the best

Further info:

International Festival
Italian Brass Week

La segreteria
Silvia Cortini

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